Welcome to the St. Albert Good Neighbour Project.

This site is a partnership between the St. Albert Christian Ministerial, Neighbourhood Watch and the City of St. Albert with one simple purpose:

To build neighbouring in our city by encouraging every street in St. Albert to host a block party.

In 2016 we saw a 30% increase in block parties in the city (to 131) and in 2017 we are aiming for 150 block parties as a tribute to Canada 150.

The most important page on this site is the one marked Start Here.  It is here where you can let us know whether you would be open to attending, helping or hosting a block party on your street.

This is not a commitment, but just a way to register your openness to being involved. As others from your street also register their interest, you will each receive an email with the option to connect with one another through the information you designate that you are willing to share.

Block parties are extremely easy to organise. They won’t cost you a cent, and even the food is provided! All the information you need is here

Once you are ready to take on the task of actually organizing a block party, all you need to do is fill out the simple form on the Register a Party tab.

It’s really that simple!