David And Rebecca: Starting the Journey

Hi there.

We are David and Rebecca Wulkan and we have lived in St Albert for the last seven years. Over that time we have felt a growing desire to become better connected with our neighbours. Rebecca grew up in a home where they left their front door unlocked so friends could just come on in and say hello. She grew being connected to neighbours and really enjoyed it. David grew up in a home with few people popping over at all. He’s hoping to make up for some lost time. This began when we were first married. We lived on a street that had barbeques, water fights, and a yearly Christmas party complete with caroling. Since we left that street we’ve not had the same experience.

Where we live now we do not feel very connected with our neighbours even though we have lived in this house for six years. We know a few names and have had a few conversations, but that’s about it. We want to live in a neighbourhood where we know everyone’s names, where we have lots of conversations and where we can help each other out when needed. But how to start?

That’s where this blog comes in. We want to share our journey, our successes and our failures, so that others may be encouraged to connect with their neighbours. There is something good about feeling like you belong to an entire neighbourhood. We believe that this is something that can happen over time with perseverance.

We are not entirely sure what the future holds, but we are looking forward to finding out!


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