David and Rebecca: Soup Night

We’ve been thinking about having a Block Party in our neighbourhood for a while now, but even that seems like a big step. This is partly because we are not huge fans of knocking on people’s doors – okay, David is not a huge fan. He has this mysterious sacred “Do not cross” privacy boundary.

Anyway, we have decided to work our way up to a block party. And we thought we should start with a Soup Night, which is something we heard about through the Neighbourhood Network. Rebecca printed up some flyers and delivered them around the neighbourhood, inviting people to bring a bowl, a spoon and a beverage and we would supply the soup one Sunday evening. We had absolutely no idea whether anyone would show up. Three families did! Two of them we knew already but one family we had never met before. We had a great time eating soup, chatting, and getting to know each other a little bit better.

To be honest, we were hoping for a few more people. And to be even more honest, we were hoping that a family from a particular part of our neighbourhood would show up because we were eyeing the green space next to their homes as a great place for a block party. But we are choosing to celebrate the success. We did something. It was small but it was good. Not bad for a first step.

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