David and Rebecca: Interest is Growing

Some good news! We’ve learned that sometimes things work out in marvelous ways. One of our goals is to have a block party, but we feel that we have to work up to that event. And after soup night we felt that we may have hit a bit of a road block. However, here’s what happened the other night.

Rebecca was in the front yard setting up a slack-line that we had received from her dad. She and our boys were going to try it out. Our next door neighbour came out and starting chatting with Rebecca. Over the course of the conversation, the neighbour randomly stated that she would like to have a block party on our street. Just like that, we have a partner to begin planning a block party!

We have not begun any planning as yet, but this was so encouraging. At the beginning it feels like we are on our own, that we are kind of weird, and that perhaps no one else really wants to be connected with their neighbours like we do. But I think that is just fear talking. Between soup night and the conversation on the lawn we now know that there are four households interested in being more connected. And that’s a great start.

Now comes the next stage: following through. We’ll keep you posted on the library, perhaps another soup night and how block party planning is coming along.

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