About Neighbourhood Connectors


Neighbourhood Connectors are people who naturally seek and build relationships with their neighbours.


Your neighbourhood; this may be a street, or a portion of a street, a condominium complex, or a section of an apartment building … a natural and comfortable number of units/houses.


Based on what we have learned from residents in highly connected neighbourhoods, we are inviting Neighbourhood Connectors to do what you naturally do …

  • Meet and get to know the neighbours
  • Help neighbours with similar interests, questions or ideas connect with one another
  • Create and distribute contact lists
  • Encourage neighbours to gather and communicate regularly


Our communities thrive when we care about each other and our neighbourhoods.  Being connected to our neighbours

  • Helps create safe neighbourhoods
  • Boosts our health
  • Makes us happy
  • Helps youth thrive
  • Ensures seniors feel safe and connected
  • Builds strong communities


Identify yourself as a Neighbourhood Connector:

  • This will give your access to learning information and training opportunities that you can share with your neighbours
  • Consider joining the Neighbourhood Network and attending gatherings to share ideas and learn from other residents.

Help your neighbourhood be connected

  • Find ways to have fun together with neighbours
  • Create a positive and supportive environment on your street
  • Learn about community resources that are available when neighbours need help beyond the capacity of neighbours
  • Engage others.  People like to be asked for help!
  • Stay connected throughout the year


For more information, or to register, contact Angie Dedrick, Neighbourhood Development Coordinator at adedrick@stalbert.ca, or call 780-418-6055