About Us

Welcome St. Albert Good Neighbours!

This site is a partnership between the Neighbourhood Network, Neighbourhood Watch, the City of St. Albert and St. Albert Christian Ministerial for the purpose of building community and enriching community connectedness in St. Albert.

What are we doing?

  • Working together to build a stronger sense of community in every neighbourhood in St. Albert
  • Encouraging, promoting and supporting block parties; a city-led initiative that has been on-going since 2006
  • Striving toward a huge goal:  a block party on every street
  • Identifying Neighbourhood Connectors in each neighbourhood; building networks of communication and shared resources at the “neighbour to neighbour” level.

Why are we doing this?

  • A block party is an effective first step to connecting with your neighbours
  • Knowing and connecting with our neighbours has been proven:
    • to increase a sense of belonging and well-being
    • to create social networks of support, especially for children and youth
    • to lead to social improvements
    • to foster local economic development
    • to positively affect our physical and mental health

Where did this originate?

  • The City of St. Albert identified “building and fostering strong connected neighbourhoods” as an important goal.
  • This goal was affirmed in 2013, when the City of St. Albert’s Social Master Plan was developed, in which 600 residents participated and identified “a sense of community and connectedness” as one of the 5 important values.
  • Block parties have been promoted by the City of St. Albert since 2006 as an easy way to begin building connections with neighbours.
  • Thanks to a strong partnership with Neighbourhood Watch, Citizen’s Patrol, and the St. Albert Community Village and Food Bank, a whole host of services are provided to residents to encourage block parties.

Who is involved?

  • St. Albert Neighbourhood Network

In 2012, St. Albert citizens who were actively involved in neighbourhood building activities such as Block Parties, came together to provide opportunities for citizens to initiate and achieve citizen-driven, neighbourhood and city-wide initiatives.   Goals for this group include; promoting safety, sharing between communities, identifying neighbourhood ambassadors, identifying and building on existing assets, diverse and inclusive membership, celebrating the history of St. Albert and providing a sounding board for ideas.

  • St. Albert Christian Ministerial

In 2015, the St. Albert Christian Ministerial, a group of churches in St. Albert who have committed to work together toward the well-being of the city, became partners with the city.  The Good Neighbour Project fits well within the Ministerial’s three areas of focus: social justice, unity and outreach.

Neighbourhood Watch is a program aimed at reducing and preventing crime in our community. It is good neighbours working together, alert to the potential of crime and willing to look out for each other’s interests.

Neighbourhood Watch offers free hamburgers and hot dogs to block party organizers, because connecting people to their neighbours at block parties is a proven method of building stronger neighbourhoods. Neighbourhood Watch also offers free anti-theft licence plate screws, and operates the WhatsUpNow.ca website where people can view information released by the RCMP.

Neighbourhood Development has great resources to help citizens engage in their neighbourhoods. Residents who live in a connected neighbourhood have an overall sense of belonging which leads to feelings of safety, security and better health.